a cool stereo pairs viewer

viewing of stereo pairs viewing of stereo pairs stereozoom2 is a pretty good and fast viewer of stereo pictures. It uses Allegro for UI and DevIL for loading images (therefore many image formats are supported). You may also consider using wxWidgets GUI.
stereozoom2 is fast, multiplatform and free, so if you need software like this, give it deffinitelly a try !

See stereozoom2's project page for forum, issue tracker and downloads.

Now the RC is released! Improved the code look, fixed memory leaks with Valgrind and finally made the Windows version run under Wine (so I hope it works under Windows as well :-) Download here and give feedback if you can think of something!
Beta version featuring support of multiple image comparison and optional cool wxWidgets GUI. Released .deb packages for Ubuntu, Archlinux users may take a look into Aur and there are binaries for Win32 and Ubuntu, too! Hooray!

First file release and documentation . Enjoy!

Beta showcase:
In the upper part of the image matrix are images that were obtained by processing the original image (the rightmost one) using different techniques.
The lower row consists of the brightest pixels of the above images, their average and darkest pixels.
new stereozoom2 in action new stereozoom2 in action
The wxWidgets GUI:
stereozoom2 in action

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